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Didim / Didyma

Didim, also known as Didyma, is a peninsula surrounded by Mugla and Atbuk in the east, the Bafa Lake and meander River in the North, and the Aegean Sea to the south.

The name, according to legend, comes from the name 'twin' refering to the God and Godess, Apollo and Artemis who were reportedly born in this seaside paradise. The main tourist attraction in Didim (aside from the golden beaches) is the Temple of Apollo

As well as the usual shops, the Didim markets are open on Saturdays, selling all kinds of everything, along with the local fish and vegetables. For eating out, there is of course the usual selection of all traditional tourist restuarants.

Didim is also host to the famous Temple of Apollo, one of the most impressive monuments in Western Turkey. In ancient times it was a sacred place, revered for it’s oracle, which was consulted by such famous people as King Croesus and Alexander the Great. After it was destroyed by the Persians, the magnificent temple was rebuilt, but remained unfinished 650 years later in the 4th. Century AD, when it fell into disuse. As you wander around the colossal ruins, you’ll come across huge columns that were never finished and see some fine carvings, including the massive enigmatic head of Medussa.

It’s well worth making the trip to Ephesus to see the vast sprawl of splendid ruins, which include the imposing Library of Celsus and the remains of the Temple of Artemis, one of the wonders of the ancient world. Miles of ruins have already been exposed and archeologists will be working hard to unearth more for years to come.

You can also get to know other famous names from the past, including Priene and Miletos, cities that were flourishing over 2000 years ago. A visit to Pamukkale, with it’s hot springs, Cleopatra Pool and limestone cliffs is another popular place to visit.

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